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The Big Beat

You Could Should Be Playing the Drums Right Now!

Looking to level-up your playing? I’ve been helping others bring The Big Beat for over two decades. Let me help you become the drummer everyone wants in their band.
You never regret making music!

4-Way Coordination

Playing the drums is the greatest thing ever.
You’ve figured out a few beats, know some fills, and can play along to your favorite tune. Where do you go from there, though? In order to progress you need to get a deeper understanding of both music and the instrument. I’ve been at this a long time. Let me show you how to level-up your playing, get better results, and ultimately crush in any musical setting. Getting up on stage and feeling confident in your ability to drive the band is a feeling that never gets old.

No “secret” methods, drumming “hacks” or other fast-food approaches, guaranteed.

What Other’s Say

The other teachers I had weren’t actually teaching me anything. They just sorta showed me how to “play a song” without really explaining anything. With Andrew I’m always learning something new.

― A.G., Student

We were really surprised at just how much our daughter was able to learn after just a few months. Andrew did a great job of breaking things down in a way that could be easily understood

― J.C., Parent

Notre Dame College Prep in NIles, IL has had Andrew in to conduct master classes with their percussion section.



Years of playing


Decades of teaching


Of live gigs & sessions

Andrew Baranowski (aka Drewblood) has been bringing the big beat for most of his life. As a third-generation drummer, his journey began in earnest when his Grandmother showed up with his first kit at Christmas in the eighth-grade. With this he began studying in-depth with top local pro’s and maxed out every school credit he could on music courses (e.g. marching, jazz, concert, pep). By senior year in high school he was out gigging in the local clubs and recording his first demo’s. Over twenty years ago he took on his first private student. After all this time his passion for all things drumming has only grown. He looks forward to helping you become the drummer everyone wants in their band.

When not behind the kit he enjoys the cities of London & Berlin, turtles, tea, and anything colored purple.

B.A. – Columbia College, Chicago
MSc – Middlesex University, London
PhD – Rock and Roll!

You never regret making music

Coming Soon!
In June, 2022 I was in London to film a 14-part series on vintage rock and roll styles, and how the modern drumbeat evolved.

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